Marriage counseling costs

Marriage counseling cost between $75-$200 per hour or more. Most couples undergoing counseling will use between 12 to 20 sessions.

Be careful when you try to save money.

There are obvious reasons like the followings that might explain why the rate of your counselor is low:

  • He lacks experience.
  • He does marriage counseling on occasion.
  • He doesn’t get a lot of referrals because his previous clients aren’t very impressed or satisfied.
  • He doesn’t have the proper license.
  • etc.

The quality of the service you will receive might be greatly affected by the price you will pay. Don’t forget that the compromise you do on the cost might greatly affect the end result.

Take the time to do some homework. Verify his credentials, referrals, etc. It is a very important aspect of your life. Even a good marriage counselor will have to be his best to really help you. Imagine if he lack the skills or he has low interest in the outcome…

Obviously, if you can’t afford the therapists of your choice. Make the best choice you can and the following suggestions might help you.

Here are a few ways to help you save.


Your personal, professional or employer’s insurance might cover mental health professional. Ask.

Also, if you are covered, be sure you understand what they will pay for. Do they have requirements such as a specific list of therapists? You want to avoid submitting fees from therapists that will be rejected.

Sliding Scale Payment

Some marriage counselors have sliding scale fees. They will accept to charge you a lower hourly rate if your financial resources are limited. If you have no assets and a smaller income they might drop the rate significantly. You may have to provide some proof of income.


Universities, research clinics offer counseling programs in a clinical setting. Their fees are much lower. They usually involve graduate students and researchers in the field. Most of the time they are investigating a specific question like ¨how does a spouse on welfare affect or damage the relationship?¨ Contact these clinics in your area and ask them or apply to find out if your profile will be accepted.

Do a search in your area, example:

Miami Marriage Counseling University Clinics

Marriage Workshops

It should cost you a lot less. It might be easier for you also. If you feel uncomfortable with the idea of being only yourself, your spouse and the counselor. Consider workshops. You will attend meetings with other couples in similar situations. You can use the search box just above to find one in your area. Just enter something like ¨Houston marriage workshop¨.

Community Center or Church

Some community takes very seriously the inconvenience and the consequences on the quality of the live of the people that are part of their surroundings. They might have set a program that often involves members of the community that are very good in counseling and have a good marriage. Check it out. It might be a solution for you.

Online Forums

You can try a do-it-yourself approach with online forums on the subject. Unfortunately, we do not recommend it. You do not know with whom you are dealing with and their real expertise. It is not because they think they have saved the marriage of one of their friends that they know what they are doing. They might be good people with good intentions. Since even professional do not always succeed at the task, what can you expect from anybody that lack serious experience?

Payment Plans

It might not save you money but if you are getting sessions at a faster rate than you can afford, some marriage counselors offer payment plans to ease the pain.